Cam Stout Bio

Background and professional experience.

Cameron Stout is a nationally known financial services defense litigator and mediator. Over his thirty-year legal career, Cam has represented financial services firms including Schwab, Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch, UBS Bank, and scores of others, in securities and commodities cases, regulatory actions, commercial banking disputes, and labor and employment cases. Cam also has done extenisve mentoring and training of young lawyers.

A graduate of Princeton University, where he was a member of the varsity tennis team, Cam lives in Princeton, New Jersey with his wife, educator Laura Docter, PhD, who is also a member of the Advisory Board of Cam’s 501(c)(3), Stout Heart, Inc. Cam is an avid cyclist, and the proud father of two adult children.

Lived experience with mental health challenges.

In early 2013, Cam’s personal and professional lives were derailed by a major depressive episode that required that he be hospitalized. Therapies including medication, as well as the love of family and friends, and his dedication to self-care strategies, helped Cam fight his way out of the abyss of clinical depression.

Mental health advocacy.

Since 2014, Cam has devoted the majority of his time to mental health advocacy in the service of others. His work includes public presentations in which he shares his journey of healing and hope. Cam also does one-on-one mentoring to help others fight the stigma around mental illness and substance abuse, promote wellness through self-care, and develop perspectives and mindsets that build resilience.


In addition to a candid description of his own journey through challenging mental health conditions, Cam’s talks cover:

  • Relevant statistics;
  • Strategies for helping classmates, colleagues, and loved ones recognize and address mental health conditions and possible addiction issues; and
  • The self-care and wellness strategies that keep Cam centered and vital, even during the challenges of the pandemic.  His blog, Light at Sea, contains a number of posts that describe some of these strategies in more detail.

Mentoring and mental wellness coaching.

Cam has recently added wellness mentoring/coaching to his services. In addition to working with students, and professionals, he has been retained as an independent mental wellness coach at a top 100 international law firm. By sharing his own story of hope and healing

Clients and speaking engagements.

Cam has given over 120 presentations on mental health, subtance abuse, and slef-care. A number of his talks and related mentoring work are done at high schools, colleges, and at law schools. His work in this area is supported by charitable donations to his non-profit, Stout Heart, Inc.

Cam has also made scores of accredited continuing legal education presentations to legal professionals at private law firms, in the court systems, and to members of the corporate law departments of companies such as Adobe. He has also addressed human resources professionals at Wells Fargo, Cal Tech, and elsewhere.

Cam has been a featured/keynote speaker at numerous conferences including the Disability Management Employer Coalition’s 2018 Human Resources Compliance Conference, the Princeton University Graduate School’s Mental Health Awareness Month, the 2016 Annual Conference of the Professional Development Consortium of law firms (PDC), the annual conference of the National Alliance For Mental Illness, the American Suicidology, and at the national conference of the Association of Law Firm Diversity Professionals.

Click here to view some of Cam’s other clients and speaking engagements.


Cam’s talks have been very well-received. The following are illustrative of the many reviews he has received.

Absolutely fantastic! This session far exceeded my expectations. The speaker was wonderful. It’s a nice feeling to work for a company that is bringing more awareness and beating the stigmas associated with mental health. Thank you so much for putting this on!  Member of HR team of Fortune 50 company

“[Cameron’s talk] helped dissolve a lot of stigma. I was afraid I would lose my community if I shared my inner hurt, but he said sharing makes me braver. I felt brave for suffering alone, but I don’t need to suffer in silence”… “His courage through his journey is inspiring and encouraging. It makes me want to stand up and tell my own story.” Castilleja School Seniors’ comments on Cam’s presentation

Cameron’s story and presentation style make what most attorneys view as compliance training into an opportunity for self-reflection and awareness. I would highly recommend him to others. Mike Dillon, former General Counsel of Adobe Systems, Inc.

I think this is one of the best MCLE sessions I’ve ever attended. Cameron has a great, accessible speaking style. Appreciated his candor and enthusiasm. I absolutely loved the entire presentation. It has very helpful tips and reminders about seeking help. Comments following CLE presentation at Am Law 100 law firm.

I don’t think I could have survived as a new law firm associate were it not for Cam Stout’s incredible mentoring. Cam was my trusted advisor and champion. He connects with people in a warm and human way, and the associates at our firm highly respected his openness, candor, skill, and integrity. Any young attorney would be privileged to have Cam for a mentor. Former law associate mentee.



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