Services and pricing

Inclusive fee of $5,000

  • A one-hour MCLE presentation on mental health, substance abuse, and self-care to the firm’s attorneys and professional staff.
  • A one-year license to distribute and publish internally a video of the presentation, and all related work product and course materials.
  • Five 45-minute one-on-one mentoring/coaching conversations with firm lawyers and other legal professionals via Zoom or phone following the live presentation(s).
  • My continuing availabilty (on a reasonable basis) for checkins and consultation.

Inclusive fee of $5,000

  • A one-hour live CLE presentation on the ethical issues that often arise when a firm lawyer manifests behavior/symptoms of a possible “mental impairment.”
  • The presentation also provides advice on mental health best practices within the law firm including a blueprint for a robust mentoring system.
  • A one-year license to use a video of the presentation and related course materials internally and with firm clients.
  • My ongoing availability for consulting on a limited basis.


Inclusive fee of $5,000

  • A one-hour mental wellness, resilience, and self-care presentation to groups at the firm’s current and prospective clients, including to members of their HR and inhouse legal departments, as part of an innovative business development program.
  • A one-year license granted to the firm and to the firm’s existing client at which I present, to distribute and publish internally a video of the presentation.
  • Five 45 minute one-on-one mentoring/coaching conversations via Zoom or phone for the firm’s client’s inhouse legal and human resources professionals following the live presentation(s).


  • Three 45-minute classroom discussions for young lawyers and other legal professionals on wellness and self-care, resilience-building and effective work management. ($3,500 for three sessions.) Includes ten 45 minute individual mentoring conversations
  • Additional one-on-one mentoring for firm employees who may be facing mental wellness challenges. (Hourly rate TBD.)


(Independent contractor retainer/hourly rate TBD)

  • Consulting/audit of law firms’ mental health and suicide prevention programs, including in connection with the firm’s adherence to the ABA Pledge’s seven-points of improved well-being in the legal profession.
  • Organize and moderate informal roundtable groups within the firm to help folks to share their own challenges and to hear others talk about theirs.
  • Collaborate on enhancing wellness and professional development structures, including mentoring programs.