I think this is the one of the best MCLE sessions I’ve ever attended. The speaker was impressive, honest, vulnerable, and conveyed information very clearly… I absolutely loved the entire presentation… Cam is a great speaker and sincere in his presentation on a difficult topic.

— Morrison & Foerster lawyers and clients at its January, 2021 MCLE “boot camp.”

Cameron’s story and presentation style make what most attorneys view as compliance training into an opportunity for self-reflection and awareness. I would highly recommend him to others.

— Mike Dillon, former General Counsel of Adobe Systems, Inc.

While there are many standard presentations on mental health, Cam’s message takes this crucial topic to a new, and much needed, higher and more personal level. In my view, his message is critical to our profession’s ongoing fight against mental illness and addiction, lighting the path to a more balanced, healthy practice of law and life in general. I hope that you will have the chance to hear Cam’s transformative story. 

— Dianne L. Sweeney, Managing Partner of the Palo Alto, CA law office of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

“[Cameron’s talk] helped dissolve a lot of stigma. I was afraid I would lose my community if I shared my inner hurt, but he said sharing makes me braver. I felt brave for suffering alone, but I don’t need to suffer in silence”… “His courage through his journey is inspiring and encouraging. It makes me want to stand up and tell my own story.”

— Castilleja School Seniors’ comments on Cam’s presentation

Cam Stout was one of three speakers at a Stanford Leadwell Network event called “Bringing Depression Out of the Darkness.” Cam’s courageous description of his victory over severe depression was a dynamic complement to the technical presentations of the Stanford professors. Cam’s warm, often gently humorous speaking style really engaged our diverse audience…. The hope and perspective that Cam brings is a powerful antidote to the stigma that surrounds the daunting mental health and addiction issues our country faces.

— Patty Sue De Vries, Director Stanford Leadwell Network

I don’t think I could have survived as a new law firm associate were it not for Cam Stout’s incredible mentoring. Cam was my trusted advisor and champion. He connects with people in a warm and human way, and the associates at our firm highly respected his openness, candor, skill, and integrity. Any young attorney would be privileged to have Cam for a mentor.

—Former law firm associate                                                

Cameron’s particular gift is his ability to immediately connect with people and translate that connection into a teaching opportunity. I used to joke with him that if he weren’t so good at being a lawyer, he would make a great teacher or coach. Like all great teachers, Cameron instinctively analyzes why you are off track and how to correct your problem. His coaching is never condescending, but always memorable and often laced with humor.

— Former Law Partner